About Me...

Hello There! My name is Ashlee. Welcome to my Blog where cooking and crafting coincide!
Two of my most noblest callings in life are being a wife to my Wonderful Husband and mother to my Two Darling Children! I love being a Domestic Engineer (SAHM)! My kids and Husband are my life and when  I am not chasing after my two cute kidlets ages 6 and 3 and spending time with my Dashingly Handsome husband I indulge in many hobbies.  

Two of my most favorite hobbies are Cooking up Delicious Dishes in my Kitchen and Creating Cute Crafts to beautify my Home. 
Some of my other loves and interests are sewing clothes and accessories for me and my kids, reading books, Interior Decorating, photography, water skiing, working out and watching romantic comedies. Some of my guilty pleasures include drinking coke, eating deep fried sushi and reading pop culture magazines! *!Giggle!*

I designed this blog to share my love of cooking and crafting with others and to document my journey in becoming a Culinary Queen Bee as I "cook" up dishes in the Kitchen and Crafts in my Craft room!

I may from time to time do website reviews to help supplement my cooking and crafting ventures.


Ashlee, The Culinary Queen

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