Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exciting News...

It has been my dream to one day put together a recipe book and get it published. Last month, I came one step closer to my dream being fulfilled. A photo editor from Carolina Country (Magazine dispersed throughout North Carolina and reaches over a half a million people) contacted me and asked if they could use this picture in their July issue:

I was thrilled and honored. I told her yes!!! Last week, 4 crisp copies of the July Edition arrived at my door step! 
Look who is on the front... Scotty from American Idol.

I was so excited. 

I then looked inside and saw this...

and this...

I am very proud of this accomplishment and look forward to someday completing my ultimate goal of getting a recipe book published. For those of you that read my blog, would you buy one?


Ashlee, The Culinary Queen


  1. Oh my gosh! :-) How exciting! :-) And I have made your Key Lime Cupcakes and they are just as amazing as they look in your picture! :-)

  2. Of course! I love reading your recipes, I just hope to have the courage to one day try one. :)

  3. I can imagine how you felt.I am soon on one of the group food blogs gonna start a series of Sweeting around the world (it is in my mothertongue which is Serbian) and I am gonna look for yummies just like you make them.Well done and let us know when the book is here;))

  4. go Ash!! soo proud of you, that is pretty cool. I need to try thoe cupcakes.

  5. That is soooo cool! You are famous! I love it!

  6. How exciting! You should be published - recipe and pic are amazing!

  7. That is so amazing! Congrats on following your dream! I was looking through some of your recipes for some different recipes for camping. Do you have any that you have tried ghat works out well when camping?


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