Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Queen's Fry Sauce

If you have visited Utah before, you might have come across a condiment that is located near the ketchup and mustard packets at your favorite burger and fry joint. This delicious condiment is called "Fry Sauce." This delectable dipping sauce is widely common in Utah and I am told it is hard to find in other states around the country. If you are not familiar with fry sauce it is used to dip french fries, sweet potato fries, tator tots, and chicken strips in. Fry Sauce is usually made by combining ketchup, mustard, mayo and sometimes Barbeque sauce, along with other spices. 

Fry Sauce is a favorite condiment of mine and I love to try different restaurant chain versions of this delicious dipping sauce.The best fry sauce I have ever eaten had a hint of Barbecue Sauce in it, so naturally, I wanted to recreate the recipe. My recipe is perfect for spreading on any type of burgers, dipping veggies, french fries or chicken nuggets in. I hope you Enjoy my creation!

The Queen's Fry Sauce
from the kitchen of Ashlee Frisbey
1/3 c. Mayo
1/8-1/4 c. Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce
1 t. Yellow Mustard
1/2 -1t. Montreal Steak Seasoning

 Combine Ingredients in a small mixing bowl. Refrigerate until ready to use. This sauce is, "Oh, so yummy" when spread on Burgers, and used as a dipping sauce for french fries, veggies and sweet potato fries.


Ashlee, The Culinary Queen


  1. I live far away and never tried condiment like thsi before.But it does sound and looks good and must be tasty with roasted anything:)

  2. Sounds pretty darned good to me :)


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