Saturday, March 26, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

I am really excited to share with you all a project that I have been working on. This project has been in the works since January. After living in our home now for 2 years I thought it was about time to try my hand at doing a remodel for my boring Laundry Room. Any one that knows me knows that I have two dislikes when it comes to housework: doing dishes and washing and folding laundry. Laundry is especially tedious for me with two young kids, maybe it is because it seems like once you finish the task, you immediately have to start over the next day with washing, folding and more washing. Do any of  you feel this way about doing Laundry or is it just me?

It was my New Year's Resolution this year, to tidy and organize this space in hopes that it would be a more pleasant place to do one of my most undesirable tasks. I came up with this equation...Cute Room + Tidy Space= A Joyful attitude towards Laundry (washed and folded). It makes sense to me! *Wink*

In my Laundry Room there is no natural light. It is the darkest room in the house and is just. plain. dreary. With this makeover, I wanted to brighten the room and warm it up. I first painted the room in Warm Caramel colored Behr paint and then painted the shelf and baseboards white. 

I am in Love with Reds when it comes to interior decorating. In fact, my Kitchen has pops of Reds every where so I thought I would continue that and bring the red scheme into my Laundry Room. Red is a wonderful color to use when you are wanting to warm up a room and add a splash color. 

One of my favorite places to shop is Target. I love the variety that they have and you can always count on them having good quality merchandise. To add that pop of red to my Laundry Room, I found and purchased a new shag rug to warm up the space as well my little feet. I love this rug, it has flecks of dark purples, reds and burgundy's and is really inviting especially since my feet prefer standing on it rather than the cold tile floor. 

On the day I found my rug, I also perused the home decor aisle and scored some beautiful red silk flowers and a black vase for over 50% off. SCORE! Using flowers to decorate spaces helps freshen things up!

Other items that I used to decorate this space was wicker baskets, a class jar to hold my Oxyclean, a berry wreath, all of which I already had on hand. Also, One of my besties heard that I was in search of a Wooden window and had one on hand and gave it to me! What an awesome friend right? I know. She is the best! 

 The window mirror adds a lot of light and gives the room depth. This helps to give the room the appearance that is bigger than it really is.

I also made this darling craft that I purchased from Makia Creations to hang onto some of those socks that have lost their mates!
 Laundry Room Before Makeover:
Look how boring and drab this ugly space was!

The Big Reveal!

Hung this mirror above the sink to give the room a little more dimension and add a little more light! I want to add a little towel holder on the wall so my kids can wash up in the laundry room before meals instead of dirtying up the guest bathroom! :)
Found this Wire Mesh Ironing Board Holder At Amazon to hold my Ironing Board and Water Bottle and Starch. (Don't look to closely at the ironing board cover. That is my next project...make a matching ironing board cover. Don't you think I deserve a new one after 8 years of marriage? I do. The scorch marks are so attractive!
I also found this little caddy at I put all my odds and ends in it like detergent and dryer sheets. It definitely hides the clutter and keeps things organized!

Next on the list, is to purchase a tool organizer to hide the broom, mops and dusters behind  the door instead of shoving them to the side of the washer!

I am really excited with the results of my Laundry Room. There are a few more finishing touches that I would like to add eventually but as for now, I am really enjoying my new bright and cheery Laundry Room space.

 I have to admit too, doing the Laundry has become a more pleasant task as well. Hurray! Mission and New Years Resolution Completed! :D


Ashlee, The Culinary Queen


  1. i love it!!!!! it turned out so cute!!!

  2. Super cute!!! On my "To Do" list also.

  3. love it! now will you come do mine?!!

  4. Nice job with your laundry room! It looks more organized and putting a hanging rack for lost socks is a good idea. There are some people who put signs on walls for them to remember what they should do next. It's like a list of tasks or something. LOL.

  5. I love it all, but I especially love the caddy between the appliances... I'm looking for the same type of thing, but can't find it - do you happen to have the link where you found it on amazon? TIA!!!!!!! This whole post, may push me to finally work on "making over" my laundry room as well!!! Thanks!!!!

  6. ms sunshyne, I looked on amazon to find the caddy I ordered and it looks like they may have discontinued it. They had a lot of other variaties to choose from. I do have the link for the ironing board caddy: Hope this helps!

  7. Wow that was quick! Thanks for looking!

  8. I tried to go to Makia Creations for the "Lost Socks" craft, but the link didn't work. Do you know if they are still in business?


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