Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Photo Craft Idea

Have you all decided what you are getting your mother's, mother-in-laws, grandma's and all the other special women in your life for Mother's Day?

I would love to hear what you, my readers, do to celebrate your mom's! I would also love to feature some of your talent here on my blog so in the comments please leave me your link and I will head on over to your spaces in blog land and see what you have been up to!
I always enjoy hearing from you all!
So leave me some comment love!


This year, my husband and I decided to get our mom's flowers and chocolates. In our defense, I know that sounds like the traditional gift for mother's day but this really is the first year that we have done that. I usually make my mother and mil a craft or give them a gift card to a favorite place of theirs.

I made this for each of our mom's last year!

I did make my mom one extra gift this year though.

I found this next cute idea here.

My mom has been getting lots of Grandkids lately and she doesn't have a picture of them all together, so during the Easter weekend, my brothers and sisters and I got together and decided to snap a quick picture of all the grand-kidlets. It isn't a professional picture by any means, but I think all the pictures turned out cute. My sister in law Kamie, was able to capture this one-
the only one where they are all looking in the same direction! :)

My sister in law sent it to me, and I created this: 

With these three items, you can make one too!

Supplies Needed:

A Frame
Desired picture
Cute saying printed in vinyl: "Grandma's Favorites, Mom's Favorites."

Didn't it turn out cute? I think my mom will love it!


I hope all you mom's, grandma's and Mother Hearts out there have a fabulous Day Tomorrow!


Ashlee, The Culinary Queen


  1. Just too sweet! I remember seeing this when you posted it after Easter and thought it was such a treasure all those beautiful babies in one photo!! And as far as grandmas go I don't think they could dream up a better gift than pictures of their precious grandbabies! Bravo! And thank you for visiting me today too!! ;) Smiles, T

  2. Love the photos. Great post!

    Christine's Pantry


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