Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Queen can be crafty....

My first attempt at sewing was in Middle School and lets just say that my experience of sewing some pajamas didn't go so well. I remember my project being a totally disaster. The seams didn't line up, the stitches were not straight.... I could go on but Lets face it, It was a disaster!! Needless to say, I think I wore them for my Halloween Costume that year but they never resurfaced again!Fast forward 14 years to the present.... I have attempted to start sewing again! Believe me, I have had my reservations! Luckily for me, one of my dear friends is an excellent seamstress. She is always very actively sewing and I am always amazed at the beautiful clothes she sews for her nieces! I constantly tell her she should become a "cook" for the moda bake shop (one of my favorite websites.)
The past few months I have gotten together with my dear friend in the evenings and we become engrossed in sewing projects. I appreciate her taking me by the hand and teaching me and sharing her sewing knowledge with me. Do you remember this pattern that I showed you on my family blog? I found this pattern at one of my favorite fabric stores. I thought the little girl was darling and her features eerily feature my daughters. I also adored the dress and felt like it was destiny... My first "real" sewing project was born and got I busy "cooking."

I finished my cute little project last night! Here are the results:
I didn't have enough fabric to make a bow for the dress but I decided to go with a more low maintenance approach- a flower clip. What do you think? I am so proud of myself for coming so far since middle school!
PS. The seams line up! Hurray!


Ashlee, The Culinary Queen


  1. Hey, that sounds like me. I hated my sewing class when I was a youth. I got a sewing machine when I got married and finally pulled it out of the box last month (yes it's been there for 6 1/2 years!, sad). Now all I want to do with my spare time is sew! Is Carlyn the one you get together with? I wish I lived closer so I could hope over and join you. That would be so fun!!! Can I borrow your pattern for the retro mae dress? I can pay you for the "rental" of it.

  2. That is so funny Ashlee - I bought that same pattern and pulled out my sewing machine for it last month and now I'm addicted. I can't wait to get to another decent fabric store so I can make another one for Easter!


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