Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Countdown Craft

Back in November I got together with a few friends in my neighborhood and we made these darling CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWNS. I can't take credit for the craft idea, my darling friend Heather had made one last year and her and another neighbor gal cut out all the cute little pieces with their Cricuts and ordered the cutest embellishments to make these countdowns absolutely adorable! What a huge undertaking to gather all the supplies for over 20 women! Heather this SHOUT OUT is for you, you ROCK Girly! I think they turned out to be gems! All you do is decorate the 2x2 decorated square with your desired embellishments/papers and then glue magnets on the back and then stick them to a mini muffin tin. Then hide your desired treats or a special outing or two written on a piece of paper and put them behind the decorated squares. My kids are loving counting down until Santa makes his annual visit to our home and truly can't wait to see what the BIG JOLLY GUY brought them! I also can't wait till Christmas Day gets here, what a joy Christmas is when watching young kiddos!
I truly love the Holidays and I Hope you are all enjoying your Holiday Season as well!


Ashlee, The Culinary Queen

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  1. Awww, thanks! It was a really fun night, and I'm glad you all had a great time! It's always nice to complete a craft the same night it's started-and for cheap! It's really the company that made it a wonderful night!


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