Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Sun Dress and Lil' Guy Ties

With Easter coming up this weekend, the past few days have been spent sewing. All other things at my house have gone by the way-side. Does this ever happen to any of you when you sew or are working on craft projects? My poor neglected children have their mom back! Wink.  

Well luckily, life can return to normal around these parts because I got my sewing projects done!  Hurray!
These are what I have been working on...

Aren't these ties so cute! I sewed them for my cute little nephews! I can't wait to see them wear them. Boy, will they look handsome and so dapper in their new Easter ties.

I also sewed this little Sundress for my sweet little niece. 

Can't wait to snuggle with the little sweetie!

I know that I said my kids have been neglected around these parts for the past few days, but I promise I haven't overlooked them! I sewed my son a matching tie last year and a friend sewed my little girl a darling little dress with matching pantelooms made out of the same fabric. 
In fact, we had family pictures taken in them last year!

You may be wondering why I am sewing all these cute little matchy-matchy outfits? Well, my brothers and sisters and I haven't had the chance to all be together at once for over a year, so we are  planning on taking pictures of the grand babies and putting them in a nice frame for my mother dear for Mother's Day! Stay tuned for some cute pictures with matchy-matchy outfits and some very cute kidlets!

Note: The patterns I used for the ties and sundress can be found and purchased here. I love this site and Ashley, the author of the blog is one crafty gal. She has super easy tutorials which are great for gals like me who are seriously challenged when it comes to sewing. I probably wouldn't and couldn't sew without her simple and easy to follow tutorials. Head on over and check out her darling blog!


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