Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Lost Socks" Craft Giveaway!!

Happy Saturday Culinary Queen Bee Readers! Saturday is a special day at my house... It is the day that we do that super exciting job *dripping with sarcasm* that most of us love... Laundry! To make that job a little more fun, why not add a cute craft to help spruce up your Laundry Room Walls? Lets Giveaway the above Craft to one lucky Culinary Queen Bee Reader!

 I am very Grateful to my friend Alison, over at Makia Creations for sponsoring today's giveaway. Alison is also one of the Authors and Founders over at one of my Favorite Blogs How Does She. She is such a busy gal and she never ceases to amaze me with all her many talents! I am very appreciative of her for helping sponsor this giveaway. Thanks Alison!

For those of you that aren't familiar with Makia Creations it is a website dedicated to bringing the joy of crafting into your home without the stress of driving around town searching for supplies. All you do is visit their website, select and pay for the craft you desire to make and they mail you all the supplies right to the comforts of your home. I have always received my orders within 2 days!!  I love this company because I love to make crafts but many times I talk myself out of doing them because I don't want the hassle of  of dragging my two young children around town to find the necessary supplies. 
I have now ordered several crafts from Makia Creations and have been nothing but IMPRESSED with the quality of their kits and their service. 

Here are a couple of the Crafts that I have I have purchased and made.

A few of my Favorite Things Picture Board! Mine is hanging in my bathroom with pictures of my cute kids!

 I love my Count Down to Candy Blocks Halloween Blocks! They were a big hit with my kids and the day couldn't come fast enough so they could get all that candy, candy, candy! 

Aren't both of these Crafts Darling? I love them!

Another great option that I love is the opportunity to buy wholesale and purchase as many kits as you might need for a fun night out with your Girlfriends. I have hosted a couple of GNO with several of my girlfriends and they all cannot say enough great things about Makia!  

Do Any of you Remember My Laundry Room Makeover where I made this darling little craft to hang on one of my laundry room walls?

I love this craft not only for its darling decor but also for its functionality in keeping track of those socks that have lost their mates to the Washer/Dryer Monster! 

To have the opportunity to win this darling craft for your Laundry room:

1.Become a Follower and leave me a comment telling me you are. 

2. If you are already a follower, leave me a comment telling me what your favorite Makia Craft is!
3. For another entry visit me over on my Facebook Page and Become a Fan and leave a comment saying you are!

This Giveaway ends April 8th so hurry and register! :)

 I promise that you won't be disappointed with Makia Creations, so please head on over to their darling site to learn more about all of their Craft kits that they have to offer.


Ashlee, The Culinary Queen


  1. I love that craft! It is super cute! I am a follower of your blog

  2. I love the clock craft on her website.

  3. Ash! super cute idea. Love new crafting websites (not that I do that much.. lol.. but it's fun to see what others can do!). I am a follower of your blog, I think my favorite is the "a few of my favorite things" and already a facebook fan.

  4. I am a follower of your blog. I am a facebook fan & my favorite thing is the "It's Board" and the Lost Sock one. I am HATING my laundry room, it needs a major make over so this would be the perfect thing to get me started!

  5. Ha, ha! Hanging rack for lost socks is a good idea! This may be useful for laundry tasks. By the way, I like your design! Very simple!


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