Monday, April 18, 2011

7-Up Marinade

This marinade is one of my family's favorites. It is very kid friendly and they lick their plates clean whenever I make it. This quick and easy marinade can be thrown together in a jiffy. Whether you choose to marinate Chicken or Turkey Breasts, they always turn out juicy and tender every time! Don't you love fool-proof recipes? I do!! With grilling season just around the bend, this is the perfect recipe to start with when you decide to dust off the ol' grill!

7-up Marinade
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4-5 chicken or turkey breasts
1 can 7up or Sprite Soda
1 c. soy sauce
1 tsp. garlic powder or minced garlic

Place chicken in a ziploc bag that is resting in a large bowl. Pour in marinade ingredients. Firmly seal the zip top bag and store in the refrigerator until you're ready to use it. The soda will fizz up quite a bit, so pour it in slowly and hold the bag firmly. I put the ziploc bag in a bowl first and leave it in there while the chicken is marinating, just in case of leaks. Let the chicken marinate for up to 24 hours before grilling. Grill on a medium grill for 6-8 minutes per side.



Ashlee, The Culinary Queen

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