Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Being a little Bit Crafty...

is what I have been up to lately. This weekend we are planning on having our family pictures taken by one of my great friends. Go here to see what she is up to! She is such a good photographer and I am excited to have her take my little family's pictures. In an effort to get ready to have family pictures taken, I had another great friend sew me this little darling little sundress and bloomers for my daughter to wear. I would've attempted sewing the darling little outfit but I don't feel that confident in my sewing abilities quite yet.
In an effort to have my darling kidlets match, I decided I would attempt at making my son a tie to match his little sister's outfit. I recently bought a very simple tie pattern from Ashley Johnston. She is a very crafty and talented person and I love her easy to use patterns. You can order a tie pattern here and make cute little ties for the little man in your life. I have made two little ties for my little guy in the past day. They are so easy to make that I think will continue to make him a variety of ties. This pattern also doesn't require a lot of fabric so you could easily use left over scraps of material that you might have lying around in your craft room. Here are the finished products:
Also, I decided that Karmindy needed some hair bows to match her little outfit so I whipped these up last night so she would have something to wear in her hair and look even more precious in her little outfit.
I love being creative and making things for my little family, especially my kidlets! Stay tuned for the final results- Our Family Pictures!


Ashlee, The Culinary Queen


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